Our Employees Love to Learn

myNHS Learning Management System (LMS) is a training tracking and content delivery system implemented as part of the ADP myNHS Portal solution. Since the summer of 2013, the Professional Development and Education team has been configuring the LMS and supporting its implementation across the organization. The PD&E team continues to partner with programs to develop best practices and processes to help them extract the most value from the tracking, scheduling, and reporting functions of the system.

LMS is also a content management and delivery system, capable of housing and delivering online learning packages, or “eLearning.”  The benefits of eLearning to NHS are numerous:
- it is self-paced – that is, the individual can navigate through the content as quickly or slowly as necessary – improving comprehension
- training can be done at anytime at the individual’s computer, eliminating travel expenses, scheduling, and space utilization
- requires little or no instructor resources
- provides a consistent quality content message 
Accordingly, the implementation of eLearning has significant potential financial savings by reducing travel expenses, travel time, instructor time, and downtime (opportunity cost) inherent in traditional classroom based training.

The PD&E team has developed and begun the implementation of over 20 eLearning training titles, including high-frequency, annually required courses such as Fire Safety, Suicide Prevention, and Cultural Competency, as well as courses to support the learning of the ADP / myNHS Portal solutions.