Special Education and Behavioral Connections

NHS Human Services and Futures Education and Futures HealthCore formed a joint venture called Special Education and Behavioral Connections, LLC to be the partner of choice for integrated specialized educational and behavioral resources to meet the increasingly complex challenges of children and adolescents with special needs. Special Education and Behavioral Connections(SEBC) provides the right supports, including holistic care and a focus on individual needs to children and adolescents, in the most efficient and cost effective manner, enhancing traditional programs. SEBC provides services in Dearborn, Michigan, and throughout the NHS Schools in Pennsylvania.

Special Education and Behavioral Connections provides children and families with autism, behavioral, education, occupational therapy, physical, psychology, and speech therapy services within a supportive, evidence-based environment.

Karen Markle, executive vice president for education and autism services at NHS states, Merging the individual strengths of NHS and Futures, SEBC was formed to leverage mutual expertise to create a comprehensive continuum of services and resources.

Chief Executive Officer of Futures Education, Brian Edwards, states, Through the fusion of experience and capacities of finely tuned education services with effective behavioral health services provided by these two highly recognized organizations, SEBC further supports the challenging needs facing children, families, school districts and communities.