Integration of Primary and Behavioral Health Care

NHS has developed healthcare integration for the populations that it serves regardless of what is happening with the funding environment. The strategy is focused on partnering with mission-driven primary care practices to embed services on-site, utilizing NHS staffing resources that currently exist (i.e.: nurse navigators, adult mental health blended case management teams, and Peer Support Services), and blending and re-fashioning these components into an integrated, highly coordinated multi-disciplinary Health Home team.

Individuals who are treated and receive services through this model now have the ability to see a primary care physician along with behavioral health services in one location. NHS has partnered with medical care providers in several of our Outpatient facilities to create an integrated care team. For example, Sharon Hill Medical is an independent primary care provider that now has staff and offices located on-site in our NHS Delaware County Outpatient facility. In addition, NHS Delaware County has added an on-site pharmacy, called Life Tree Pharmacy, providing an easy and quick way for individuals to receive their medications. This integrated approach will help fill a void for medical care that some individuals with mental illnesses have experienced.