Pursuing Excellence in Care and Treatment
With a rich tradition spanning more than 40 years, NHS Human Services is at the forefront of providing care and services to people with special needs. Through its subsidiaries, NHS is the largest community-based, nonprofit human services organization in the country. More than 10,000 staff provide care to almost 40,000 adults and children throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Louisiana. NHS has developed a unique continuum of care providing services in the areas of mental health, addictive diseases, education, juvenile justice, foster care and permanency, autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and many more specialized programs.

NHS is a leader in developing treatment plans for people with dual diagnoses and other multiple challenges. At NHS, we can design a system of care around each individual, tailored to their specific needs. The Integration of primary and behavioral health care services has been a significant focus for payers and state and county officials across the nation. Several programs throughout NHS have implemented integration of care into their services to address both behavioral and physical health care needs of some of the most vulnerable individuals in our communities.

NHS continues to be the safety-net for people who otherwise could not afford care. In spite of financial challenges and dwindling resources, NHS continues to pursue excellence in all aspects of care and treatment. The work of NHS is anchored in the firm belief that it is every individual's right to achieve growth, dignity, and fulfillment in their lives. Surrounding professional staff with the best in technology and supports, NHS is a leader in the industry and remains committed to helping people….one individual at a time.

Addictive Diseases
Comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment services are available to adults and adolescents who struggle with the disease of addiction.  Recovery is very personal and unique, with services focusing on the specific needs of each person. All programs are fully licensed, certified and accredited by the required federal and state organizations. The outpatient medication-assisted treatment programs are certified by the federal government through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and are fully licensed by the state and accredited through the Council on Accreditation.  Services are provided in both clinic and community-based settings. Read more...
NHS provides quality behavioral health services to children and families who are affected by Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), specifically autism, PDD-NOS, and Asperger's Syndrome. In collaboration with families, professionals and other key stakeholders, NHS continues to develop unique autism services which can provide alternatives to traditional programming within a continuum of care. This coordinated and integrated approach is designed to meet the needs and behaviors associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) from diagnosis to adulthood. Read more...
NHS offers a variety of educational opportunities to provide individualized learning experiences to children with special needs in a safe and nurturing environment. The NHS educational continuum includes licensed private academic schools, autism and emotional support classrooms, early intervention, student assistance programs, as well as training and consultation services.  NHS partners with parents and students to maximize the learning experience, identify necessary resources, and prepare the child for transition to a less restrictive learning environment. Read more...

For more information on our NHS Schools, please visit: schools.nhsonline.org.
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
NHS offers a full spectrum of individualized services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). NHS employs self-directed supports where each individual is always at the core of the planning and implementation of services which are designed to enhance their abilities and interests. The goal is to assist each individual toward self-sufficiency and fulfillment in their everyday lives.  NHS provides residential and day services designed to enhance the quality of life and expand personal opportunities for each individual. Read more...

NHS also provides services to individuals with dual diagnoses (I/DD and Mental Health) through our Dual Diagnoses Treatment Teams (DDTT). The DDTT program is a voluntary continuum of care service delivery model that addresses not only the clinical needs during crises, but also during periods of transition back into the community.
Juvenile Justice
NHS Juvenile Justice programs feature innovative programs designed to meet the unique needs of dependent and delinquent youth. NHS programs are founded on the basic principles of Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ), as well as the Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) principles. A 168-acre campus in rural Pennsylvania features open and secure program options.  Gender responsive principles focus on the unique needs of girls in juvenile justice programs and specialized sex offender treatment is available to youth who present with acting-out behaviors. Vocational training, community service, and restitution opportunities are an important focus and are incorporated into activities throughout our Juvenile Justice programs. Read more...
Mental Health Services
NHS provides quality services to adults and children with mental health challenges. NHS offers a continuum of care integrating services in both community and site based settings. These services provide a wide range of recovery focused treatment, services, and supports to assist individuals in need. The NHS mental health system empowers consumers to take charge of their own lives and make the decisions that affect them. NHS supports each individual on their personal journey to achieve self-determined goals and lead an independent, meaningful life.  NHS staff is trained to support individual recovery and provide responsive treatment and care in the least restrictive, most appropriate setting. Read more...
Specialized Services
NHS has developed a continuum of services to help seniors remain independent and in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. NHS programs provide alternatives to nursing facilities. Additionally, NHS provides a full range of supports and services to adults who have experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury. These are available in-home, within the community, or in NHS residential programs. Read more...
Treatment Foster Care and Permanency Planning
NHS has developed an array of services to provide a home-like environment for children with behavioral and emotional problems who cannot live with their biological families. Foster families are recruited and specifically trained to be part of a treatment team that provides a warm and nurturing family environment while addressing specific behavioral challenges presented by each child. As an affiliate of the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) NHS also provides services to children and their families to promote achieving permanent family status in a timely manner. Read more...