A Commitment to Quality
There are significant initiatives and activities occurring throughout NHS’s continuum that are measured against performance and quality improvement (PQI) standards. These standards, as well as goals and criteria, are reviewed and approved through the corporate PQI structure. Because of program and leadership commitment, the corporate PQI structure has been successful at ensuring that continuous efforts are made to achieve measurable improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness, performance, accountability, outcomes, and other indicators of the quality of services provided. NHS takes pride in continually striving to improve the services we provide to thousands of individuals in our care.

“As a result of PQI leadership coming together to discuss these initiatives and activities at a corporate level, there is an increase in communication, coordination, and collaboration on best practices and sharing of resources,” said Leah Pason, Executive Vice President for Corporate Administration and Chair of Corporate PQI Committee. “There is a sense of renewed energy and commitment to meeting goals established by PQI committees.”

NHS continues to evaluate and enhance PQI by establishing realistic goals that can be measured across the seven states in which we provide services. NHS’s commitment to technology has led us to utilize new systems and processes that support daily activities around the company, including tracking and reporting PQI initiatives and outcomes. We look forward to expanding this support with increased analysis and reporting to effectively implement positive change in services provided to individuals in our care.