Chief Operations Officer

As Senator Rocks states in his message, NHS remains committed to developing and expanding the use of cutting edge technology to support our mission, Core Values, and daily activities throughout the Operational structure. We continue to partner with Netsmart Technologies to transition to a fully integrated electronic consumer record, called Avatar. The collaboration of business, clinical, technology and training staff has built a single system that integrates all service types. Technology has been a significant support throughout the Operational structure at NHS. The marriage between expanding technology and quality human services allows us to develop and implement new and exciting technologies and opportunities within all service areas.

As a result of cross-systems integration with multiple service delivery areas, individuals in our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Teams (DDTT) are receiving the quality and intensity of care they need to be consistently supported in the community. Our DDTT programs, located in three counties in rural Pennsylvania, are successful in providing individuals diagnosed with a mental illness and an intellectual and developmental disability (MH/IDD) with as many resources and supports to become as independent as possible.

DDTT has assisted individuals with MH/IDD, who historically have been an extremely costly population, to remain living in the community during crises as opposed to going into hospitals. This year, NHS was awarded the Innovation Award by the Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association (RCPA) for significant innovation in cross-systems integration. We are proud that NHS has been recognized by county officials as a model for training other programs, sharing our policies, procedures, and best practices. Because of the success and recognition of our current DDTT programs, we are expanding services and best practices into Allegheny County, PA later this year.

The Integration of primary and behavioral health care services has been a significant focus for payers and state and county officials across the nation. In Delaware County, PA, consumers receive a continuum of care in a behavioral healthcare setting that is co-located with a primary care practice. A full array of expertise from health care providers, including primary care physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, case managers, and direct support professionals gives consumers a significant advantage of a comprehensive treatment modality. Dr. Travis Treadway, a board certified family care physician employed in our ACT team in NHS Capital Region, PA, collaborates with staff to ensure that consumers receive the highest quality of services by addressing both behavioral and physical health care needs.

NHS has become a national leader in the delivery of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Services. NHS has implemented ACT teams in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Delaware. Our ACT programs in Louisiana have grown to six teams, with a new team opening in Hammond later this year. NHS Louisiana also serves the forensic population through an enhanced ACT program called Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) team, and currently provides services in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We are excited to further our skills and implementation of best practices in our recently opened ACT team in the state of Delaware.

In response to challenges faced by disadvantaged children and adolescents who may also have a mental health diagnosis in Orange County, NY, NHS provides multiple and integrative services in a least restrictive environment, including youth drop-in centers, family therapy, and supported employment. These services are designed to support children that are at risk for out-of-home placement by providing knowledge, expertise, and best practices from employees with various backgrounds and experiences. The collaboration has shown to promote positive change, alleviate the impact of crisis situations, empower families, and prevent out-of-home placement.

As we reflect back on the past year, and the successful marriage of information and service technology in multiple programs across the company, we look forward to a future that includes expanded implementation into other service areas, regions, and states.