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cHairmaN’S meSSaGeHoNoraBLE m. JoSEPH rocKSSince passing the torch to our new CEO, Joe Martz, we have challenged NHS to continue to provide the highest level of quality services to our citizens, and to embrace opportunities to be a leader in our industry.I am confident that NHS has the talent, the resources, and the resolve to achieve their strategic goals, and to far exceed our high expectations to be the best in caring for some of the most vulnerable lives in our country. As Chairman of the Board of Directors, I am proud of all that we have accomplished over the past 46 years, and I remain certain that NHS will succeed even further, by embracing and sharing the true spirit of NHS.Thank you to the NHS employees, the management team, and the Boards of Directors for their unending commitment and support of the NHS mission. I know you are in good hands! NHS’s direction is only going forward.Thank you,Honorable M. Joseph Rocksceo’S meSSaGeJoSEPH S. martzThis has been a year of incredible change at NHS Human Services. We started by realigning our service offerings to better meet the needs of the individuals entrusted to our care. Today our company is aligned around the unique market segments we serve, and led by subject matter experts in the fields of Behavioral Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and Autism and Education. The continuum of services offered within these market segments strengthens our ability to provide the highest quality of care to our consumers and strategically positions NHS for future growth opportunities.The 2015 annual report is dedicated to our consumers. It features the remarkable stories of individuals who do not allow their diagnosis to define who they are. They are the stories of people working hard every day to make a difference in their programs and in our communities. I want to thank each of them for the courage to share their journey of recovery, hope, and commitment.As a leading provider of human and special education services, NHS is continuously striving to improve the quality and safety of our services. We have once again taken the lead in our industry to understand and imple- ment the best approaches to care as a trauma-informed organization. Our goal is to be more sensitive to the challenges facing our consumers and the needs of their supportive care givers – our fellow NHS employees.Being trauma-informed will make NHS a better organization. It will improve the quality and impact of our services by enhancing engagement with our consumers, increase the safety of our work environment, and ultimately reduce employee burnout and turnover. We will all benefit from this change in our culture and we are excited about what it will mean for our organization.As I reflect back on this first year as CEO, I am honored to be part of an organization with such an amazing mission. The next fiscal year will be dedicated to creating a new strategic vision that will position us to take advantage of opportunities to ensure NHS remains an industry leader.We look forward to an exciting year ahead. Sincerely,Joseph S. Martz01

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